Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Great Success Requires Great Cause..

Today I realized something that to remain on track of success requireS some strong reason to answer questions like why i am achieving this goal? According to mine experience if answer is not firmed here most of the time we get distracted by temptation and hard times that comes while walking on goal path. Here path of successful and unsuccessful person gets different..Because successful and unsuccessful both have dreams, both have energy to achieve, both have visions and planning, but when starts to achieve, unsuccessful gets distracted because of temptations and hard times. Here we require firmness on answer to question as why i am putting myself into too much pressure.. What is the use? And this answer must be strong enough. It works as motivator..

As Sachin Tendulkar's motivation to achieve such great success is "I wanted to play Cricket for India".
Without proper cause no one can remain on such height of success as Sachin Tendulkar. Because after his entry in Indian cricket he didn't said to  himself wow my dream is finished. He found out another cause to take Indian Cricket at No. 1 Position. And that keeps him motivating till date.

Sometime its better to keep cause big and healthy. I wanted to show my neighbor or ex-girlfriend what i am capable of.This type of cause can do wonders for short term period and after some time that person starts to get deflected from his goal path because of obstacles.After some period those reason he didn't find strong enough to conquer those problems.We cant enjoy our goals with such cause.Enjoyment is must while achieving goal.

Cause shouldn't be evil. As Hitler and terrorist thinks that there cause are right. And they believe so strongly on to that cause that they become so much organised in there activity. Are there cause are good? No.Definitely not. So its necessary also to first understand our cause and should be good.

What is the cause behind Google, Microsoft like Inc. As per i read Allen Page and Sergey Brin said Knowledge should be available to all. This cause we can see in Google success. Previously knowledge is so costly and only available to higher authority. But they understand that the world is starving for knowledge. So this great cause leads them to great success and turned them into big entrepreneurs.
As Bill gates and his team's aim was PC should be available at every home. At that time it was next to impossible. But this great cause made bill gates richest person in the world.

As Socrates Said "There is no secret to success.If u want it like u want air for breathing you will get it." Cause exactly do that. It increases your hunger to achieve success and to remain successful for long term.
-- Prasad Jachak.

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