Saturday, August 6, 2011

About School Syllabus

Its requires lots of change in chapters of many subjects. There were so much depressing chapters in my marathi and some english book that i still remember. I dont understand why student bombarded with such depressing chapters..Just give dem something high tech or some success stories to read. So they will try to follow such type of success path..

One chapter i still remember is that one person making money on stealing tooth from dead body. And later village people beat him so badly and den wolf cut down his leg while he was finding dead body at night. What is this ? Why 8th standard student bombarded with such type of looser chapters?

One chapter is Prakash. That villagers son went into Mumbai and becomes egoistic. And he just forgets what fathers done to him. He feels disgusted by looking at fathers living condition and poverty. And returns to Mumbai and never comes back.
In One chapter named "Lal Chikkhal" person got so much frustrated with his vegetable business he gave up and start to jump on his own tomato at the end of chapter. what our education system tries to achieve with such kind of depressing chapters? Are they want to create future Indian entrepreneurs by teaching students such type of chapters?

This type of chapters from Marathi book and even from other subjects really made me think that world is like that only with no hopes? But later my dad gave me some successful enterprenuers articles and found that success can be achieved and success always there for hard worker.

I only remember good chapter from my Marathi book is the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. That chapter gives good feeling that how success can be achieved and what to do. Gives lots of thought for future progress.
I don't like those teachers who try to give student low self esteem and try to make them believe that you are nothing. They are such looser and don't understand such what gold is hidden in him/her.

What i want to say is that school student minds like under construction buildings foundation. If we give proper shape and feed their minds with proper thoughts, they will be much brighter and will become higher achievers. Just tell them about Google, Tell them about apple-Microsoft, tell them about Ratan Tata, Tell them about Ambani. Add chapters about how one person can bring change in the world and can change the face of businesses like bill gates, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Sergey Brin.
Tell them about what is attitude, what is character, why knowledge is so much important where to gain it, Tell them about how they have such great potential energy which needs them to convert into kinetic energy by proper channels and proper actions. Just prepare them to face the world properly, to face there upcoming responsibility in life. Just teach them how to handle stress in life. When everything goes in wrong way at certain point in life at that time how to keep faith in thyself, how to keep mind like water state(Mind like water known as champions state of mind.)

Those who have proper education guidance at family level, face the life challenges very well. But some students are there with no educational background and fully depends on school education to taught there own mind. And here comes challenges for schools.

Students mind is at receiving positions. They receives whatever there Guru transmits. I just want to say that transmit them positive attitude with skills how to handle negative experiences with positive attitude.

As someone said wisely "Well begun is half done". Just creating proper framework of mind at school level they will get head start not only in career but also for their high quality of life.

-- Prasad Jachak.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Great Success Requires Great Cause..

Today I realized something that to remain on track of success requireS some strong reason to answer questions like why i am achieving this goal? According to mine experience if answer is not firmed here most of the time we get distracted by temptation and hard times that comes while walking on goal path. Here path of successful and unsuccessful person gets different..Because successful and unsuccessful both have dreams, both have energy to achieve, both have visions and planning, but when starts to achieve, unsuccessful gets distracted because of temptations and hard times. Here we require firmness on answer to question as why i am putting myself into too much pressure.. What is the use? And this answer must be strong enough. It works as motivator..

As Sachin Tendulkar's motivation to achieve such great success is "I wanted to play Cricket for India".
Without proper cause no one can remain on such height of success as Sachin Tendulkar. Because after his entry in Indian cricket he didn't said to  himself wow my dream is finished. He found out another cause to take Indian Cricket at No. 1 Position. And that keeps him motivating till date.

Sometime its better to keep cause big and healthy. I wanted to show my neighbor or ex-girlfriend what i am capable of.This type of cause can do wonders for short term period and after some time that person starts to get deflected from his goal path because of obstacles.After some period those reason he didn't find strong enough to conquer those problems.We cant enjoy our goals with such cause.Enjoyment is must while achieving goal.

Cause shouldn't be evil. As Hitler and terrorist thinks that there cause are right. And they believe so strongly on to that cause that they become so much organised in there activity. Are there cause are good? No.Definitely not. So its necessary also to first understand our cause and should be good.

What is the cause behind Google, Microsoft like Inc. As per i read Allen Page and Sergey Brin said Knowledge should be available to all. This cause we can see in Google success. Previously knowledge is so costly and only available to higher authority. But they understand that the world is starving for knowledge. So this great cause leads them to great success and turned them into big entrepreneurs.
As Bill gates and his team's aim was PC should be available at every home. At that time it was next to impossible. But this great cause made bill gates richest person in the world.

As Socrates Said "There is no secret to success.If u want it like u want air for breathing you will get it." Cause exactly do that. It increases your hunger to achieve success and to remain successful for long term.
-- Prasad Jachak.