Friday, November 12, 2010

Education System in India

In india Adminission quota gets decided by religion. Its not right thing in my opinion. It should be based on economic class. As lower economic class requires scholarships and quota for education more than some cast  people having high financial stability. There is no use giving them quota for admission and scholarship for fees. If he/she comes from well settled family then why to give scholarship to them instead of open cast person having very poor financial stability. Its common sense that poor person requires help in education than the person with financial stablility.

To survive in Mumbai

Just small thought popped up in mind :
i dont think its right to fight against non marathi people to survive in mumbai.Its just like that we are focussing on negative thinking and  diverting and wasting our positive mind and our energy towards negative. We can focus our energy and mind to  do good to our selves and to our family and friends. If we want to survive in mumbai we should focus on positive things like to improve ourselves, learn new things like business, higher jobs, fine art whatever our nature takes us. In this way we can make life happy for ourselves and for other those are around us. There is words said by abraham lincoln we cant be strong by weakening the strongers.